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Contribute a Lecture

Our lecturers make free education available for every medical student worldwide. Interested in teaching? Send us a message


Create a presentation of max. 14 minutes, record your voice with your computer using our software or the audio record function of your iPhone or iPad, then submit your lecture.


– Try to keep it short (<15 slides).
– Make use of pictures and use as little text as possible.
– Cite the sources when using (image) material from a third party.


STEP 2: RECORD YOUR VOICE by talking over your presentation and by recording your voice with the computer using audacity or audacity for mac (both trusted open source softwares, c.f. wikipedia article). If possible, we recommend using a Mac computer or the audio record function of your iPhone or iPad as Apple’s microphones have a significant better sound quality.

– Start with a short introduction:
» “Welcome to WorldMedSchool”
» “My name is…, I am… ”
» “In this micro lecture I am going to talk about…”

– Maximum length of the presentation is 14 minutes!
– If you come to a new slide, pause, say “next slide”, then continue.
– If you want to make a correction, say “correction” and start the paragraph again.


STEP 3. SUBMIT THE AUDIO FILE & POWERPOINT PRESENTATION. When you are using the audacity software save your audio recording as Ogg Vorbis (go to File > Export > select Ogg Vorbis File > click Save). Then send the audio file and the presentation by email to us (e.g. worldmedschool@gmail.com) or using the upload form on the right side of this page. If you have used your iPhone or iPad for recording, you can use the “share” function of your devise to send the file to us by email.


We will format the presentation and animate the lecture as soon as we receive it. We will publish it on our webpage, fostering free and top-level medical education worldwide.


The WMS team


Submit your audio file and PowerPoint presentation, using this form or send it to us by email (e.g. worldmedschool@gmail.com).

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