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Legal notice

Legal disclaimer
The lessons as well as any other medical information provided on this website (both hereafter “content”) are for educational use only. The content shall solely be used by medical students in addition to their university studies or by qualified doctors. Especially, the content shall not be used for self-diagnosis or self-therapy by an unqualified person.
Furthermore, the content solely expresses the opinion of the contributor of the respective content which is not necessarily the opinion of WorldMedSchool. WorldMedSchool shall not be liable for any statements, mistakes or incompletion of the content. Further note that, irrespective of the reputation of our contributors, medical doctrines may differ from country to country and therefore the content might not be appropriate for exam or test preparations.

Copyright notice
The content provided on this website is protected by copyright law. The content shall only be used on this website for educational means. Any copying, renting, making available, broadcasting for other means is prohibited. All rights reserved.

In case you think that a specific content on our website infringes your rights, please contact us via worldmedschool@gmail.com.
Kindly state the specific content and the reason why you think that the content infringes your rights. We will review your complaint and inform the contributor of the content about your complaint and ask for his/her statement. If necessary we might contact you and ask for further information. In case of self-evident infringements we might also take down the content directly without informing the contributor of the content in advance.